Botox Injections - Before and After The Procedure

Botox Injections: Facts You Should Know Before and After Taking The Procedure

December 16, 2020787

Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to eliminate wrinkles and other cosmetic deformities. Each year, hundreds of thousands of women and men go through this beauty procedure for having wrinkle-less skin. We gathered facts that you should know before and after taking botox procedure.

That is what you should know before and after the botox procedure.


1. Find a proper provider for you, check their Instagram and before-and-after photos to see if you like the results they achieve.

2. Think about the reason you are ready to do a botox injection. Are you interested in injections to look good for an important day? Is it just a preventive procedure for you? Are you trying to fix what really bothers you?

3. Don’t expect results right away. Only After two weeks you’ll see the full effect of your injections.

4. Botox results are temporary. No matter which neurotoxin you try, the results aren’t immediate and they don’t last forever. Most patients find that injections last from three to four months.

Botox Before-and-After Injection

Anti-wrinkle Botox Treatment

Botox Younger Look

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1. Botox trains muscles. After using botox continuously for years, your muscles will become trained not to make wrinkle-forming expressions as aggressively.

2. Botox weakens the muscles.If used regularly, over a prolonged period of time, without interruption, eventually the muscle will atrophy from lack of use.

3. Botox might make skin visibly thinner. The skin of the forehead (can) get prematurely thinner, and muscles weaker. Sometimes, after many years of use, this can even result in the look of heavier brows and eyelids.

4. There might be side effects, such as

  • swelling or drooping in the eyelid area
  • tiredness
  • headache
  • neck pain
  • double vision
  • dry eyes
  • allergic reactions, such as rash, itching, or asthma symptoms