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Travel - cities, countries, destinations, directions. Every single place in our earth has its unique look. Check them before you decide to visit. History - facts, places, people. What was before our days, what has the greatest impact and what happened during a day, a century or much longer.

Seven Wonders of the World - New & Old
March 1, 2022985

Seven Wonders of the World - The Ancient & The New

Seven Wonders of the World is a list of remarkable constructions in human history. The list has always been popular among tourists. Every year, billions of tourists stand in the long lines, rain or shine, travel thousands of miles to visit one of the Seven Wonders.
Cosmic Egg / Easter Origin
April 2, 20211048

The Pagan Origin of Easter: Roots of Principal Christian Holiday

Although Easter is a Christian holiday, Easter origin and many of its traditions go behind to ancient pagan customs and beliefs.
New Delhi, India, War Gate Memorial, Air Pollution During COVID-19 Lockdown
March 12, 20211216

Effect of COVID-19 Lockdown on Air Pollution: Before-and-After Photos of Big Cities

With far fewer planes in the air and cars on the road during strict measures to stop the spread of coronavirus, cities which were once filled with smog now look like they have much cleaner air as show before-and-after photos.
Armenian Mouflon, Ancestor of Sheep
March 2, 20211403

6 Wild and Prehistoric Ancestors of Today's Domestic Animals

Domestic animals and their wild and prehistoric ancestors. What are ancestors of dog, cat, goat, pig, sheep and cow?
Santa Claus Before and After 1931 Year
December 19, 20201282

Santa Claus Before and After 1931 Year

The Santa Claus we all know as a big, jolly man in the red suit with a white beard. Did he looked like that before 1931 year?
Sydney Before-And-After
December 5, 20201085

25 Famous Cities' Pictures Showing How They Changed Over Time

Famous cities before and after images clearly show how they have been changed over the time. Something we don't often notice ourselves!