DiY Christmas Tree Gift Tag

DIY Button Christmas Tree Gift Tag

December 19, 2020613

Nice gift wrapping can be more important for the person you give present to, than you can imagine. Have a look at this easy to made button Christmas tree gift tag, that is made by Becky. It will make your even small Christmas gift a special one.

Here is what you need to start


  • ribbon
  • green buttons
  • cream cardstock
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • hot glue gun

Buttons Scissors Gift Ribbon

Step 1

Cut out your tag from the cardstock. You can cut the cardstock 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches long. Then just cut angles out of the sides of the top and add a hole with the hole punch.

Buttons, Scissors, Hole Punch

Step 2

Add the buttons in a tree shape. You can place the smallest button at the top, and then go up in size to the largest ones on the bottom. Then glue them on the cardstock with a hot glue gun.

Glue Gun, Green Buttons, Cardstock

Step 3

Glue down all button in a triangle shape. Then place a little bit of hot glue, or any adhesive you’d like, on some brown paper, and place under the button tree.

Green Buttons in Triangle Shape

Step 4

Run more hot glue along the bottom of cardstock. Place a length of ribbon along the glue, and trim to fit.

Button Christmas Tree Gift-Tag

Step 5

Place them on a gift just you like.



Gift is looking really unique. Gift tag seems a separate gift to the person you give it. Feel free to experiment with different shaped buttons for different gifts!