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4th of July Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids
July 1, 2021645

4th of July Crafts You Can Do with Your Kids

Amazing patriotic easy-to-make crafts for the 4th of July. Make the Independence Day full of fun for your kids with their handmade decors.
Cosmic Egg / Easter Origin
April 2, 2021735

The Pagan Origin of Easter: Roots of Principal Christian Holiday

Although Easter is a Christian holiday, Easter origin and many of its traditions go behind to ancient pagan customs and beliefs.
March 30, 2021841

DIY Easter Decorations: 5 Videos with Step-by-Step Instructions

Whether you want to set up a crafts table or create some DIY decor for Easter party, these videos will help you to save your time.
DiY Christmas Tree Gift Tag
December 19, 2020561

DIY Button Christmas Tree Gift Tag

Make a nice Christmas tree gift tag with buttons with your own. Your gift tag will look even better than the gift itself.
DIY Snowy Candles From Votive Holders
December 14, 2020487

DIY Snowy Holiday Candles from Votive Holders

Quick, cheap and easy to make holiday candles. You need to spend only 20 minutes to made snowy holiday candles from votive holders.