DIY Snowy Candles From Votive Holders

DIY Snowy Holiday Candles from Votive Holders

December 14, 2020488

Christmas decorations bring magic and good mood to every home. It can be quite expensive to buy ready-made decorations and here comes help from people who are professional with creating amazing holiday crafts.  Sarah has a great idea to transform votive holders into snowy holiday candles. This snowy holiday candle is easy, quick and cheap to make.

Step 1


Take some votive holders (here are taken from the dollar store – they’re actually a great, big size):

DIY Snowy Candles: Step 1

Step 2

Use a glue to brush it on (Mod podge is used here, also Elmer’s glue can be used as well, just something that will dry clear:

DIY Snowy Candles: Step 2

Step 3

Pour Epsom salts into a plate and  dab the votive into a pile of it. It would be even better to use a little glitter with salt:

DIY Snowy Candles: Step 3

They are cute and snowy and really shine when putting a candle inside!

Epsom Salt Candles

Step 4

Grab some cranberries and floating candles:

Cranberry & Candles

Step 5

Fill votives with water and cranberries and place a floating candle inside:

DIY Snowy Cranberry Candles

They are so festive and pretty! Perfect for a holiday table setting or on a buffet:

Snow Candles with Cranberries

DIY snow candles from votives


It takes about 20 minutes. Quick, easy and cheap! Original candles for your Christmas table!