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Seven Wonders of the World - New & Old
March 1, 20221038

Seven Wonders of the World - The Ancient & The New

Seven Wonders of the World is a list of remarkable constructions in human history. The list has always been popular among tourists. Every year, billions of tourists stand in the long lines, rain or shine, travel thousands of miles to visit one of the Seven Wonders.


Fashion & Beauty / DIY & Crafts / Home Makeover

March 30, 20211185

DIY Easter Decorations: 5 Videos with Step-by-Step Instructions

Whether you want to set up a crafts table or create some DIY decor for Easter party, these videos will help you to save your time.


Celebrity / Movies & TV

Friends Cast Then and Now
February 24, 20211262

'Friends' Cast Then and Now: After More Than 25 Years

Friends is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Friends cast after more than 25 years - let's see how they look and what they do.


Travel & History

Cosmic Egg / Easter Origin
April 2, 20211106

The Pagan Origin of Easter: Roots of Principal Christian Holiday

Although Easter is a Christian holiday, Easter origin and many of its traditions go behind to ancient pagan customs and beliefs.